so since it’s December and also a full year since I officially switched barns I thought I’d do a little year in review type thing…

so I had thought about leaving my old barn for awhile but never brought myself to do it because I thought if I left, I would have no horsie friends and I would be alone at whichever barn I went to. So when I made the decision to move barns I thought about where I kinda knew people at my first thought was my current barn. I had always driven past it and wished I rode there when I was driving to my old barn and I had a few friends that went there. I didn’t think I would make new friends tbh, I knew that a few people on tumblr rode there so it wasn’t completely terrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of people as nice as the people at my barn, I’ve made new friends (or so I hope…) and I’m super happy that I made the choice to move. Even if I haven’t improved riding wise that much, I finally feel happy going to the barn again. 

Also special thanks to kaitlyn for being my video bitch for some of these pictures and being my sunday funday best buddy

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